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[Oral plastic surgery] Teeth are very neat, some to pack the day ... [Department of Stomatology] Time: April 29, 2017 morning morning drooling ... [Pediatric ENT] How should I deal with turbinate hypertrophy? ... [Periodontal disease] Make up the teeth not long before the gums on the package ... [Pediatric ophthalmology] Do not need to wear any US pupil, the eyes of natural black, need to eat ... [Periodontal disease] Loose teeth now gently hit a very tingling ... [Pediatric ophthalmology] My classmate funny when his hand touched my face ... [Pediatric ENT] Got tonsillitis in the end should be how to do it? ... [Pediatric ENT] Doctors ask me before the cold plane caused by secretory otitis media ... [Periodontal disease] On the teeth rotten nerve, and now still a little pain ... [Periodontal disease] Gums on a long package, do not hurt, when big and small ... [Periodontal disease] Gingival bleeding does not hurt is to smell the taste of vomiting ... [rhinitis] Shan Yan suffering from allergic rhinitis has been a few months, and medication did not ... [Pediatric ophthalmology] Doctor, my baby two and a half years old ... [Pediatric ENT] Right nostrils morning runny nose see bloodshot ... [Oral mucosal disease] My son is four years old and has a fever the previous week ... [rhinitis] Nose inside swollen, a nose above the pain ... [Pediatric ophthalmology] Not myopia, but there are two small circles in the eyes ... [Pediatric ENT] I was feeling sleeping when I was asleep. [Pediatric ophthalmology] Eyes itch for several years is how the matter ... [Pediatric ophthalmology] I have done half a minute seconds has been six days to see how things are still blurred ... [Oral mucosal disease] Two months of the clinic doctor said that the inner wall of the throat is a white matter into the group ... [Periodontal disease] Kill the nerve of the teeth now to the root canal treatment will be painful ... [Periodontal disease] A few days ago because of wisdom teeth that gums swelling pain ... [Pediatric ophthalmology] What about dizziness and blur? [Periodontal disease] The upper left side of the second big teeth pain ...

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[Pediatric ENT] Doctors ask me before the cold plane caused by secretory otitis media ... [Pediatric ENT] Right nostrils morning runny nose see bloodshot ... [Periodontal disease] The upper left side of the second big teeth pain ... [Pediatric ENT] For several days, the nose suddenly bleeds ... [Pediatric ENT] Do not know is not a cold two days before the flow of tears ... [Oral plastic surgery] The child in the play when the front door knocked off half ... [rhinitis] Yesterday just a cold, hard to blow your nose today, there are a lot of red ... [Pediatric ENT] Sore throat for a long time has 45 months ... [Pediatric ophthalmology] I see the doctor said that conjunctivitis and then drops of eye drops are two weeks or ... [Pediatric ENT] I am male, 28 years old, the last two months ... [Pediatric ophthalmology] Doctor my face side big side ... [Pediatric ENT] Ear lips inside a long thing, touch it when it will move ... [Cheilitis] Chewing gum is basically good, that is, the upper lip has a red mark in the ... [Pediatric ENT] Ear lobe long on a powder tumor, just do not know to have been squeezed ... [Pediatric ENT] Yesterday, after digging nostrils nosebleeds, nasal bleeding from the throat today what reason ... [rhinitis] Recently often sneeze, can not play out of tears ... [Pediatric ENT] The first time and her boyfriend was no blood ... [Periodontal disease] I have a tooth decay, my mouth is very heavy ... [Periodontal disease] What about tooth, is not the reason for toothpaste? ... [Pediatric ENT] Can people eat dumplings? Can be jealous
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