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[Pediatric medicine] Child 19,100 pounds ... [Obstetrics and gynecology] The penis in the sex when the layer broke a little bit of skin ... [Obstetrics and gynecology] More than a month did not come to menstruation with pregnancy test paper shows no pregnancy is how the matter ... [Gastrointestinal disease] Stomach stomach heat bad breath, dry mouth, stool is not forming ... [Gastroenteritis] Chronic gastritis, oral odor is better, but eat bananas and smell ... [Breast Surgery] Five days before the injection of four growth factors in the law pattern and apple muscle ... [General surgery] The dog licked his legs, but there was no wound nearby ... [orthopedics] Wake up every day back pain, get up after a few minutes after the basic activities of the pain ... [Pediatric respiratory medicine] My daughter from 40 days to start snoring to now has been ... [Ankle surgery] Ankle Biao Wei, CT see no problem ... [Pediatric ophthalmology] 5 days ago on the eyelid slightly swollen. Three days ago on the eyelids measured a small white point ... [Obstetrics and gynecology] Vulva a long pimple, found when very small ... [Condyloma acuminata] Go to the Provincial People's Hospital to see sharp, the doctor said let me go to this special disease place ... [Acne, acne] There are red acne on the forehead there are small pimple with scars printed chin also has red ... [Obstetrics and gynecology] Small labia long on a pimple found very small the next day and become very hard pain ... [family planning] August 18 end of menstruation, 23 have the same room but the whole end of wearing a suit ... [Internal medicine] My waist is 2 feet 2, every time I buy pants to buy 2 feet 4 left ... [Non-leaching urethritis] Check the results of mycoplasma positive, and then the whole people are running away ......... [Internal medicine] Baby eat two days after the night after the intermittent pain in the stomach ... [Oncology] Will the doctor, leiomyosarcoma after surgery ... [orthopedics] I walk in 2008 exception, check the film in the hospital ... [family planning] Menstruation has just gone seven or eight days, eat a contraceptive ... [Gastrointestinal disease] Do not know what is eating anyway spit it ... [Obstetrics and gynecology] A few days after the same room can be used to test whether the test pregnancy ... [Gastrointestinal disease] Baby after falling to the middle of the night this cough ... [Respiratory medicine] Three days before the morning to get up the toilet cough a spit out the saliva of blood and then ...

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[General surgery] The dog licked his legs, but there was no wound nearby ... [Obstetrics and gynecology] Vulva a long pimple, found when very small ... [Skin allergies] Drink beer in the morning, at night when the arm a lot of red something good ... [Cervical erosion] The inside of the vagina has a lot of polyps ... [family planning] The inside of the vagina has a lot of polyps ... [Oral mucosal disease] Usually see the blood nothing, but to the hospital pumping their blood test will be halo ... [cardiology] Upset! Afraid to lose a lot of things ... [dermatology] The legs were bitten by the mosquito bitten, [STD] Doctor, please save me, i kissed a gay tongue today ... [Short stature] Born on January 2, 2003 ... [Liver disease] Direct bilirubin much higher times ... [Acne, acne] Smear chloramphenicol tincture in acne acne more and more serious and itchy water what ... [deaf] Doctor: My child is now 8 years old ... [orthopedics] Yesterday to eat must taste duck neck, special spicy ... [Internal medicine] Doctor I upload photos to you to ask questions on the ceiling I am really afraid of always feel ... [Respiratory medicine] 77 old people nothing to eat the wrong medicine to eat the West iodine tablets ... [General surgery] Three days ago to the friend's dog touched the bare legs ... [Obstetrics and gynecology] I have been doing ligation for five years ... [dermatology] Was stewed by the wasp sting after the white water is why ... [STD] Doctor my penis root played some white little bit ...
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